November 11th, 2019 @ 09:03 |

Noel Muscat ofm

As from 28 November 2012 the Dutch parliament has decided to scrap an “outmoded and irrelevant” legislation of the 1930s, by which it was a crime to insult God through blasphemy. The funny thing is that a similar law prohibiting citizens from insulting the Queen of the Netherlands or police officers is still in force.

Insulting God in the 21st century is irrelevant. Freedom of speech means that one can say whatever he or she likes regarding God. Naturally things are very different regarding human persons, who can sue for disrespectful and insulting remarks. Unfortunately the Christian God is too weak to sue persons. At most He could send you to hell, that is, if you believe there is hell or heaven, which seem to be irrelevant as well.

I would be very happy to see what will happen in the Netherlands if one insults the God of Islam, for example. I suppose hire and brimstone will break loose. But in this way the Dutch members of Parliament and our liberal European friends will learn the price they will have to pay for their idea of freedom.