November 11th, 2019 @ 09:02 |

How stupid can governments and government officials be? The Irish government will not be inviting the Pope for next year’s Eucharistic Congress in Ireland. They think they are thus punishing the Pope for the paedophilia cases which surfaced during these last years. 

Actually, we know from the Vatican, that the Pope is very sick at the news, and almost succumbed to a heart attack. His legs have given way and that is why he is now using a moving platform. He will also probably scrap his Wednesday audiences, because he is no mood for meeting people. All this because of the Irish government’s decision not to invite him to Ireland! 

How important does the Irish government think itself to be? Does it think that it is so important that the Pope will fall into a depression? After all, we now have the truth about the Irish people. We always thought they were Catholics. But were they? You got the answer already. They were just a pack of sheep, following in the footsteps of their forefathers, without ever really reflecting where they were going and why. 

It’s the same situation as here in Malta: artificial Christianity; numbers and no quality. Then, when the test comes, everything falls apart. So, is there really a problem? For me these tests are a blessing in disguise. They are the acid tests of a genuine Christian lifestyle. Christianity is not about numbers. It is quality, and this is found in very small amounts, especially in so called “Catholic” countries in the West. 

Today we know where genuine Christianity is. It is in Egypt, in India, in Pakistan, in Iraq, in Nigeria… This is where the Church is going through persecution, and that is where today’s true Christians live. Those living in comfortable countries like Ireland and Malta are mostly sham, fake goods. They cannot stand the test of genuine Christianity. They have not stood the test already. 

So they try to blame the Church for their treacherous behaviour. Will they succeed? For those who have a speck of brine in their brains, it is all bluff. The Church has got Christ’s promises that it will go on until the end of time. Ireland can go. Malta can go. But the Church will go on!