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An introduction to i-TAU. It is a new website being launched by
a group of Franciscan Friars Minor from Malta.

The idea is that of continuing to build upon the effort started by the same friars back in 1997, when the Franciscan Province of Malta was among the first in the Order of Friars Minor to have its own website, as a result of the expertise of John Abela ofm, who had been webmaster at the General Curia of the Order of Friars Minor for 12 years, and later helped at the setting up of the website for the Custody of the Holy Land.

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Spirit + Life No. 133: July – September 2020

Spirit + Life 2020

July – September 2020

Bernardo of Quintavalle, first companion of Saint Francis The Origins of the Franciscan presence in the Holy Land [1] Francis and Bishop Guido I Quote


April – June 2020

Saints Nicola Tavelic and Companions – 50th Anniversary of their Canonisation. Quomodo Terra Sancta recuperari potest – Fidenzio da Padova, Ramon Llull

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January – March 2020

The Forma Vitae of 1219 in the Regula non Bullata of 1221? 200 years since the discovery of the tomb of Saint Francis in Assisi. The letter pro dilectis of Pope Honorius III (29 May 1220)Saints Berardo and companions, first martyrs of the Order Quote
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Spirit + Life No. 130: October – December 2019


October – December 2019

Did Saint Francis visit Cyprus in 1219-1220?
The Origins of the Franciscan presence in the Holy Land Mendicant friars on journeyings (XIII-XIV centuries)
Concluding the celebrations of the 800th Anniversary of Franciscan presence in the Holy Land

Spirit + Life 2019

July – September 2019

Editorial Fr. Alfons Marija Camilleri OFM (1910 – 1994) The Origins of the Franciscan presence in the Holy Land [3] Quando ogni altra via è esclusa: Il martirio come ultima possibilità di dialogo Quote

Spirit + Life 2019

January – March 2019

Joseph of Nazareth a Franciscan perspective between the 13th and 15th centuries The Origins of the Franciscan presence in the Holy Land [2] Fra Elija Grech OFM Quote

Franciscan Studies

Franciscan Studies

Rediscover Your Mutual Trust

Pope Francis To The Franciscans: “Rediscover Your Mutual Trust”

The newly elected Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, Fr. Michael Perry, together with the members of the General Chapter of the Order taking place in Assisi on the occasion of Pentecost, have had a special meeting with Pope Francis in the Sala Clementina in the Vatican on Tuesday 26 May 2015.

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Freedom Or Slavery? No Winners
And No Losers

The world is still reeling from shock and consternation after the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris on 7 January. Yet again Islamic fundamentalism is bent on showing the world that it will never tolerate any kind of criticism of its fundamentalist beliefs, even if it means using blind and savage violence and in deed.

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TAU Franciscan Publications

Is an electronic version of what has been, up till now, and continues to be, the editing house of the Maltese Franciscan Province. I-tau is a newer version of the same initiative, with the aim of posting books and other publications by Franciscans on line.

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